Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poor kiddO!!!

this is so yucky..i feel so sorry for the baby. she will grow up so confused! her "father" gave birth to her. "he" was a woman in the first place, and when undergoing the so called sex change operation, "he" only did a mastectomy (breast cancer survivors who undergo mastectomy are still women) and chose to keep "his" uterus, and tried several times via artificial insemination. that means the bottom half of this "man" is still a woman!thats "he" gave birth to the little girl.

this is why Islam teaches us to guard the lineage. man marries a woman, and they have children.

now that little baby doesn’t even know who her real biological father is. and her "father" is half a woman. literally.. and her "father’s" wife, her mum, is nursing her with the help of hormones

anyway, poor kid..

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